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High power (10kw- 20kw)fiber laser cutting machine

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LC series cutting machine is a cutting equipment with high dynamic performance, high speed, high speed, high precision, high quality, super stability, and equipped with high intelligence system and extremely low operating cost. The equipment has many domestic leading excellent functions, greatly improves the efficiency of our production, simplifies the operation process, and is a cutting equipment with high cost performance




Integral welded box type


New design of machine tool

Intelligent system upgrade application

Optimal equipment configuration


Optimal equipment configuration


Integral welded box structure


The thickness of the internal cross rib plate is 12mm, the thickness of the external wall plate is 18mm, and the plug welding technology is used, so the structural strength is higher Ensure the stability and practicability of the equipment


Safety and environmental protection 0 pollution


All the details of the fully enclosed structure, the exclusive optical fiber wavelength visible protection window, standard dust removal system and so on are all for you to have a safe and pollution free production environment






The large enclosure and full protection structure, exclusive laser protection window, powerful smoke and dust removal system and intelligent bus system give you an intelligent and safe working environment.

Big encirclement and full protection Strong smoke and dust removal bus system Active obstacle avoidance Visual residual cutting Process monitoring




The crossbeam is made of lightweight casting structure, rough machining after annealing to eliminate internal stress and finish machining after secondary vibration aging treatment. The stress caused by casting and processing is better solved, and the stability of crossbeam is improved.



JTLC6025-20KC JTLC6025-15KC JTLC6025-12KC JTLC6025-10KC
Processing surface 4000mm×2000mm 6000mm×2500mm 8000mm×2500mm 10000mm×2500mm
12000mn×2500mm(The optional scope)
X/Y-axis geometric pssitioning accuracy ≤±0.025mm
X/Y-axis repetitive pssitioning accuracy ≤±0.02mm
Minimum kerf ≥0.15mm
Maximum operating speed 196m/min(Theactual model is the final model)
Accelerated belocity

3-5g(Theactual model is the final model)

Laser power 20KW 15KW 12KW 10KW
Equpment Dimensions 16000nn×4000mn×2300mm
(Theactual model is the final model)
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