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Core technology

FSCUT8000 is EtherCAT bus system bus intelligent cutting system

Powerful technical process meets all operating requirements of laser cutting machine
Unique process monitoring technology to ensure the implementation of unmanned smart factories
Precise cutting instructions to ensure a good user experience


Patented machine design

Brand-new machine tool design, worktable partition design, better isolate heat conduction, prevent machine tool deformation, increase machine stability, sub-regional dust removal technology, safe and pollution-free to ensure the working environment.

Aluminum column beam

The beam adopts a lightweight casting structure, is annealed to eliminate internal stress and then roughed, and then finished after secondary vibration aging treatment, which better solves the stress caused by casting and processing, thereby improving the stability of the beam .


Intelligent induction cutting head

Intelligent induction, intelligent induction cutting effect during cutting work, to ensure the penetration of the plate, the application is more extensive, and the operation is more convenient.