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What is 3D 5-axis Laser Cutting Technology?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to 3D 5-axis laser cutting machines! In today's rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, precision and efficiency are paramount. Enter 3D 5-axis laser cutting technology – a game-changer in the world of fabrication.

Laser equipment

Laser equipment can be divided into three categories: laser marking machine, laser welding machine and laser cutting machine. Laser marking machines include semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, etc; At present, there are YAG laser automatic welding machine and optical fiber transmission automatic laser welding machine; Laser cutting machine has YAG laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine.

Those things about laser condensation in summer

Higher temperatures in summer bring more uncertainties to the use of laser equipment, so in summer we must pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. This issue will bring you the laser dew in summer. 1. Operating environment requirements

Winter antifreeze and maintenance-instructions for use

Basic Principles of Antifreeze In the severe winter, when the air temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, the liquid water will condense into a solid, and during the solidification process, the volume will become larger, which will "crack" the pipelines and components in the water cooling system (the cold water system includes Water chiller, laser and output head). How to avoid antifreezing of lasers and water-cooled machines is a key issue for laser cutting machine users in laser maintenance in winter.

From front to back, we are running through the service system

pre-sale service Through the Internet, telephone, letter, door-to-door service and other communication channels, we provide various process solutions for potential customers free of charge, including technical consultation, sample cutting, equipment selection, and customize and make corresponding adjustments according to customer's special requirements. Headquarters Equipped with a well-equipped intelligent exhibition hall and a professional welcome team, it can provide customers with on-site visits and inspection reception, on-site machine testing, sample service at any time for proofing and sample mailing. To
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