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Tube-sheet integrated machine JTLT3015-4000CM

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Tube-sheet integrated machine JTLT3015-4000CM



Function overview


The LT series Jiatai laser tube plate is integrated with an intelligent system, which is more convenient to operate, greatly reduces operating costs, simplifies manual labor, and can be used in an industrial environment; long life, high processing accuracy, and fast speed; high power conversion efficiency, which can be achieved Intelligent, automated, and flexible operation has important application prospects in industry, national defense and other fields. 1. Adopting gantry structure design, compact and reliable structure, dual-purpose pipes and flat plates 2. Adopt imported high-precision reducer, servo motor, etc. 3. The operation is simple, and the pipe center can be found automatically. The cutting process is easy to adjust and applicable 4. Using professional CNC cutting software, you can design various graphics or text at will, processing flexible, simple and convenient operation.




Equipped with front and rear chucks


The standard front chuck is hollow 220, pneumatic self-centering full stroke, can clamp 220 diameter round pipe, 150*150 square pipe, has the characteristics of easy operation and maintenance, high precision, convenient use and so on. The standard rear chuck is hollow 110, with a small pneumatic stroke, which has the characteristics of large clamping force, stable structure and performance, and can be flexibly matched with various fixtures.




Laser head characteristic:


A variety of optical configurations are available to achieve the best cutting quality Focus range: (125 / 150/175/200 mm); The internal structure of the cutting head is completely sealed to avoid dust pollution; The focus adjustment adopts a cam structure, which is accurate and convenient to adjust; The protective lens is installed in a drawer type, which is easy to replace;


Safety and environmental protection 0 pollution


All the details of the fully enclosed structure, the exclusive optical fiber wavelength visible protection window, standard dust removal system and so on are all for you to have a safe and pollution free production environment





Parameter Plane parameters Cutting parameters
Processing aree 3000mm×1500mm

Round tube Φ20-200mm×6200mm

Square tube 20×20-150×150mm×6200mm

X/Y-axis geometric pssitioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m /
X/Y-axis repetitive pssitioning accuracy ±0.05mm /
X/Y-axis Maximum pssitioning speed 100m/min 65m/min
X/Y-axis Maximum acceleration 1g 0.5g
maximum rotative speed


Laser power Power optional
Equpment Dimensions

(The actual model is the final model)

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