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Three-dimensional five-axis H-beam laser cutting equipment

LC26030XC-00D 去电箱修改版-3
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Three-dimensional five-axis H-beam laser cutting equipment  is a special laser cutting machine designed for section steel processing.

lt supports dual-station processing of section steel, correction compensation for section steel bending, professional nesting of section steel, digital factory management, etc.

lt can perfectly work with Tekla design software, and it has high precision products and fast speed.

① Intelligent RTCP calibration 
It is used to correct the five-axis mechanical accuracy in the equipment debugging stage, and can ensure the accurate cutting positioning in the subsequent cutting process after the debugging is completed. 
②BCW profile scanning 
Because the profile will be deformed, if you cut it directly according to the drawing, the cutting size will be inaccurate, there is the risk of hitting the cutting head, and the problem of unable to cut off the profile, cutting dislocation and so on. 

BCW profile scanning function can scan the profile before processing, transfer the data to the processing system in real time, complete the point cloud computing of the scan track in real time, real-time modeling, clear the deformation area of the steel, real-time compensation, to ensure the smooth cutting. 
③Tekla seamless docking 
The design drawing made by Tekla software can be directly imported into the nesting system and sent to the equipment for use without conversion. 
④ Cycle nesting 
Compared with traditional nesting material, it can save material 
⑤ Over welding hole cutting 
The over-welded hole processing function introduced by Bochu steel cutting system can directly cut the over-welded hole, and through process debugging, different root effects can be cut according to demand.


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