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Laser Cutting Machine XD Series

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Segmented splicing machine bed, transmission unit adopts linear guide, rack and gear structure, working platform can be customized for longer and wider format.

New process design of bed body connection, and cyclic processing method to achieve an integrated high precision.

Working platform with a modular design can achieve a high loading capacity and the size can be customized.

The crossbeam is equipped with an adaptive adjustment mechanism, carried with an exclusive dust removal module, and is equipped with intelligent cutting system and intelligent cutting head.


The laser cutting machine features a 14-meter (customizable for longer lengths) large-format platform, offering a larger cutting range. Equipped with an intelligent system, it provides more convenient operation, significantly reduces operating costs, simplifies manual labor, and can be used in industrial environments. It boasts a long lifespan, high processing precision, and fast speed. With high electrical energy conversion efficiency, it can achieve intelligent, automated, and flexible operations.



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